GWL Videos

GWUSA Greenspace Action: Ferrous Site, Groundwork Lawrence 

Groundwork Lawrence: Glow Gala 2017 (Official Video) - Touch of DraMa Film & DraMatography

Groundwork Lawrence: Comcast Cares Day 2017 and Earth Day Unite

"Green Team Film" Summer Green Team 2016 4:12 minute video (Green Team, August 2016)

NECN's Matt Noyes Has A Lesson In Urban Ecology in Lawrence, MA at Comcast Cares Day 2016 (April 2016)

Enterprise Bank's Celebration of Excellence - 2014 Nonprofit of the Year Award 4 minute video from the award ceremony.
Visit the COE website. (Enterprise Bank, November 2014)

Place Matters 4 minute video highlighting a year of "changing places, changing lives" in Lawrence.
(Tower Hill Films, November 2013)

Visit the 3.5 mile Spicket River Greenway
A $10 million, 12+ year effort of planning and building a spectacular network of green spaces
and walking paths along Lawrence's stretch of the Spicket River. (Tower Hill Films, June 2013)

Groundwork Lawrence 2013


12 minute documentary short highlighting some of GWL's projects and programs,
including the Spicket River Greenway,community gardens, Green Team youth program,
and stewardship initiatives. (Tower Fill Films, December 2012)


More Videos

Community InRoads - Ep. 3 - Groundwork Lawrence - Heather McMann, (North Andover CAM, 27:25 minute video, July 2017)

Comcast Cares Day 2016 Impact Opportunity - Groundwork Lawrence, 1:14 minute video (Comcast, April 2016)

Earth Day/Comcast Cares Day 2015, 1.12 minute video with highlights from the day (Comcast, April 2015)

GROUNDWORK Urban Adventures Program Summer 2014, 4:20 minute video (Lawrence Public Schools, August 2014)

Revitalizing Lawrence's "Emerald Necklace" - the Spicket River Greenway3 minute video from Governor Deval Patrick's office announcing funding for the new park at the Ferrous Site. (Governor Deval Patrick's office, April 2014) Read the press release

GWL and Volunteers Cleanup the Spicket River, 2.5 minute video from WBZ Channel 4 highlighting efforts to cleanup the Spicket River. (WBZ TV 4 Video November 2013)

Comcast Newsmakers NE - Amanda Cochrane4 minute video of Amanda talking about GWL's projects and programs (Comcast, July 2013)

2013 Social Innovation Forum Showcase8 minute video of Heather McMann’s presentation during the 2013 Innovation Showcase (Root Cause, May 2013)

Keepin' It Fresh PSA by Green Team, Learn about GT's work to increase access to fresh food in Lawrence (GWL Green Team, August 2011)

Lawrence Urban Planning with Projects for Public Spaces6 minute video of Brad Buschur talking about urban planning in Lawrence (Eagle Tribune, April 2012)

Super Green - See what Green Team worked on during the summer of 2011, 3.12 minute movie by Green Team (GWL Green Team, August 2011)

Learn about the GWL Green Team, - 1 minute video of Greet Team talking about their work, Lawrence, and keeping the city clean and green! (GWL Green Team, August 2011)

Reviviendo Gateway Initiative, Lawrence CommunityWorks & Groundwork Lawrence bring folks together around the Gateway Initiative and facilitate an envisioning process that leads to the surge of redevelopment including Union Crossing, Oxford Paper site park, the new Spicket River Greenway, and Washington Mills Lofts, and many other projects. (Julie Mallozzi  roductions 2002)