Healthy Living Workshops

Healthy Living Workshops

Groundwork Lawrence’s Healthy Living Workshops empower participants to be more savvy consumers and better stewards of their own long-term health. The sessions cover such topics as making homes safer, with hands-on demonstrations on how to make cheaper, non-toxic alternatives to common household products and cosmetics. A second series encourages healthy eating habits with a focus on buying, growing, preparing and storing fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as organic gardening and composting. The workshops are held in English and Spanish.

Healthy Living Workshop Part 1

Part 1 Reducing the Use of Toxics In this workshop you will learn about toxic chemicals found in household cleaners, cosmetics, and personal care products and how they may affect you, your children, and the environment. Many of the chemicals found in household cleaning and personal care products are known carcinogens (cancer-causing agents), neurotoxins (toxins that directly affect the nervous system), or reproductive or developmental toxicants. These chemicals are affecting our air quality (causing increased asthma), Our Human Health (potentially linking us to chronic diseases & respiratory issues) and our water quality. Workshop attendees will make their own non-toxic equally effective household cleaner and personal care product; receive bilingual recipes, health information, and resources to accompany this workshop. Come to the workshop and make your own toxic free samples to take home! If you are interested in attending one of these workshops, or having GWL lead one of these for your group please contact Maria Natera at (978) 974-0770 x7006,

Viviendo Saludable: Reduciendo el uso the Toxicos En este taller ustedes van a aprender a serca de químicos toxicos en contrados en los limpiadores de la casa, cosmeticos y productos personales y como ellos pueden afectar los a ustedes, a sus hijos y al medio ambiente. Muchos de los químico encontrados en los limpiadores de casa y productos de cuidados personales son conosidos como carcinogenos (agentes que causan cancer), neurotoxinas (toxinas que afectan directamente el sistema nervioso), o toxicantes reproductor o desarrollador. Estos químico estan afectando nuestra calidad del aire (causando aumento en asthma), nuestra salud humana (potencialmente llevandonos a enfermedades cronicas y problemas respiratorios) y nuestra calidad del agua. Los que vayan al taller van a hacer su propio limpiador de casa sin toxico pero igualmente efectivo y su producto de cuidado personal; en este taller vamos a tener recetas en Español/Inglés, informacion de salud, y recursos. Vengan al taller y hagan su propio ejemplos fuera de toxico para llevárselo a la casa! Funded by a grant from the Toxics Use Reduction Institute, UMass Lowell.

More to come on Part 2 of this series!