Eco-Art Supports Groundwork Lawrence

Call for Eco-Art to celebrate GWL's 13th Year!


Deadline for Submitting Eco-Art

Submission Deadline: Wed., October 29, 2014 5:00 PM (no exceptions)
Pick-up/drop off location: Groundwork Lawrence, 60 Island Street, Lawrence, MA
Artwork will be juried: October 30-31; items not selected for the show should be picked up November 3-4.
Auction proceeds are split 50/50 between Groundwork Lawrence and the artist (unless donated).
Each artist receives 2 tickets to Glow

All submissions must be accompanied by the Eco-Art Registration Form and include a write-up (see form).
A minimum sale price for your submission may be set.

Info and Registration

Call for Eco-Art 2014
Eco-Art Registration Form 2014

How much should I expect my piece to sell for? Items have sold for between $20 and $350. We have included items with a sale price up to $5,000. We encourage pieces with minimum sale prices of $20 - $300.

What is Eco-Art?

  • It incorporates at least one of the “4 R’s” (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair).
  • It promotes environmental awareness.
  • It educates others about environmental injustice, and/or conveys a vision for addressing it.
  • It is comprised of environmentally-friendly materials.

Eco-Art Includes

Lanterns, home furnishings and housewares, photography, sculpture, paintings, or mixed media pieces. However, it must incorporate at least 1 of the “4 R’s” and at least 1 other bulleted item listed above.

Read about Eco-Art and watch a video with Lydia Harris, one of Glow's artists.


Items submitted in past years include

Artwork made from crutches, lamps made from “rescued roadside treasures,” paintings on used/discarded furniture, and lanterns made from rescued treasurers. Thank you to our artists for using your imagination and amazing talents to help promote Groundwork Lawrence’s environmental mission!

Watch a video of Lydia Harris, Eco-Artist.
See more photos of previous year's Eco-Art on Flickr!

Follow Groundwork's board Glow Gala Eco-Art Pinspiration on Pinterest.

For more information about the Glow Gala

Please email Rosa or call (978) 974-0770 x 7001